You and Your Pet Can Help Clean Up the Gulf Coast

The Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico covers at least 2500 square miles of the ocean’s surface.  This is one of the worst environmental disasters in recent history and there’s something you and your pet can do to help.

The non-profit organization, Matter of Trust, has been accepting non-filthy pet fur and human hair since 1998.  This San Francisco based organizations accepts hair/fur donations to make oil-absorbing hairmats, known as “flat square dreadlocks” as well as hair stuffed containment booms or tubes made from recycled pantyhose.  The hair contraptions are a natural and a very effective way of soaking up oil because oil clings to hair and doesn’t absorb it.

So how can you and your furry friend help?  Collect any fur from your pet, ranging from horses to sheep to cats and dogs, as well as any human hair.  Make sure there is no garbage in it such as paper or metal.  Gather any washed used nylons (runs are fine), and place it all in separate plastic bag and separate boxes and mail them to Matter of Trust.  As of May 4th, 400,000 lbs of hair was shipped to the Gulf Coast.

Matter of Trust has warehouses across the nation with hundreds of volunteers who stuff all hair and fur into nylons that are then tied together to form tubes/booms.  These creations are used to surround, contain and aid in the cleanup of oil spills.  Please visit Matter of Trust’s website to find which location to send your hair donation to and the proper labeling.

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