Winter Weather: Tips for Helping your Pet Cope with the Chill

It’s that time of year; time to turn up the heat and break out those blankets. As the chilly winter weather sets in, it’s important to keep your pets safe and warm too. Here are a few cold weather tips for your canine and feline family members:

Bring Pets Indoors: If at all possible, it’s best to keep all pets indoors during the winter months. If your dog must stay outside, make sure that he has access to warm shelter. Also, make sure that any outdoor water bowels aren’t frozen so that pets have easy access to water at all times.

Beware of Antifreeze: You may be tempted to use antifreeze to protect your car from freezing temperatures, but this substance is lethal for dogs and cats. Antifreeze is sweet tasting for animals, which might entice your pet to lick up any spills. Ingestion of antifreeze is extremely dangerous and can be deadly without prompt and aggressive medical treatment.

Be Aware of Cold Weather Arthritis Pain: Dogs with arthritis may experience an increase in pain during the winter. Cold weather aggravates arthritis, making your pup more uncomfortable. If you notice any changes in your dog’s ability to move around, contact your pet’s veterinarian, they may suggest pet meds from retailers like to help.

Never Leave your Pet in a Parked Car: Cars act as refrigerators during the winter months, making them extremely unsafe for animals. When the temperature drops, your pet could freeze to death if left in a car.

Stay Active: It’s easy for both people and pets to get a little lazy during the winter, so don’t forget those doggy walks. Year-round activity is key to keeping your pet at a healthy weight. But don’t forget to wipe off your pup’s paws after walks to avoid bleeding due to encrusted ice.

By keeping these few tips in mind, you and your four-legged friend can snuggle up safely all winter long.

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