Survey Shows Most Dogs are Riding Unrestrained in the Car

A recent survey done by the American Automobile Association reveals that the majority of dog owners leave their dogs unrestrained while traveling by car.  Listed below are some of study’s other findings:

•52% of those surveyed say that they have pet their dog while driving

•18% have reached into the backseat to interact with their dog while driving

•17% have allowed their dog to sit on their lap while driving

•13% have given their dog a treat while driving

•3% have taken a picture of their dog while driving

These are scary statistics because distracted drivers are more likely to cause an accident than drivers that are concentrating on the road. If an accident does occur, an unrestrained pet can be a danger to you and your passengers. At only 30 mph, a dog weighing just 10 lbs. can exert 300 lbs. of pressure if an accident occurs. At the same speed, an 80 lb. dog can exert up to 2400 lbs. of pressure. Properly restraining you dog with a seat belt or a car seat specifically designed for canines makes a car trip with your pooch safer for everyone involved. If you’re concerned about your dog having anxiety if not riding on your lap or immediately next to you- begin with short car rides with a restraining device before taking a long trip. Dogs with car anxiety may also benefit from a natural stress reducer like HomeoPet travel anxiety drops.

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