Road Trip Tips For Your Pet

Summer is here and it’s time to enjoy!  Are you planning a road trip with your pet?  As much fun as it can be to bring Fido along, sometimes it can be difficult.  Here are a couple pet-friendly road trip tips to help you and your pet’s vacation be a little more enjoyable.

Get your pet used to the car first.  For many pets, the only time they ride in a car is when they are going to the vet and it may not be the happiest association.  Try taking your dog for a ride to the park or to a different place for a walk.  Be sure to restrain your pet so they are not a distraction while you are driving and they don’t get hurt in case of a sudden stop.   Securing your pet in a crate or harness is the best way to prevent distractions and keep them safe.  Be sure to familiarize your pet with his crate before your first trip.

Pets can get car sick just like people.  To minimize the risk of car sickness, refrain from feeding your pet for a few hours prior to your trip.  If your pet gets anxious or motion sick there are several over-the- counter medications available at vetdepot, such as Anxiety Drops that may be helpful.  Cerenia is also an effective prescription medication that your veterinarian may recommend.  The more familiar and comfortable your pet is with the car the more fun everyone will have!

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