Reducing your Pet’s Carbon Pawprint

 There are countless things people can do to reduce the environmental footprint they leave. From hybrid cars, to reusable shopping bags, to energy saving appliances- more and more people are making ecofriendly choices. But what about our pets? 

 Here are a few environmentally friendly choices we can make for our furry friends:

•When choosing dishes for your pet, ditch the plastic and go for stainless steel or ceramic. These dishes are easier to clean AND easier on the environment.

•Groom green at home! There are a lot of organic and natural based shampoos and grooming products available for pet owners. Save money on costly grooming appointments and wash your pup with these eco-friendly products at home.

•Use natural cleaning products when cleaning up your lovable companion’s not-so-lovable messes. These products are easier on the environment and keep your pet and family from inhaling toxic fumes.

•Lastly, the overpopulation of companion animals is a big drain on resources, not to mention a sad truth for the millions of dogs and cats out there without homes. Choosing to adopt a pet instead of buying helps an animal already in need and discourages over-breeding. Additionally, choosing to spay or neuter your pet helps keep population down.

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