Human Meds Pose Serious Danger for Pets

For the third year in a row, human medications have topped the ASPCA’s Top Ten Toxins list. Common household meds like ibuprofen and decongestants pose a big risk when ingested by family pets.

OTC and prescription medications can cause kidney damage, ulcers, seizures, and even death. To avoid this potentially tragic situation, it’s best to keep ALL medications safely out of reach from four legged family members. Pet poisoning symptoms include lethargy, vomiting, elevated body temperature, seizures, depression, and refusal to eat food. If you think your pet has ingested a human medication, immediately contact an emergency veterinarian or call the Animal Poison Control Center’s hotline at 888.426.4435.

For a list of medications that are the most common pet poisoning culprits, click here.

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