Pet Owners Willing to Pay the Price for High-Tech Vet Care

The unconditional love for man’s best friend has more and more Americans spending their money on advanced technology veterinary care.  Pet owners have more options than ever when it comes to helping their pets fight serious illnesses and injuries, if they’re able and willing to foot the bill.

Advanced medical care at a specialty veterinary hospital closely mirrors that of a human hospital, housing specialty doctors and high tech equipment like 3D imaging scanners and underwater therapy treadmills. Pets are undergoing chemotherapy, heart surgery, advanced physical therapy, as well as a host of other state-of-the-art medical treatments to buy more time with their devoted owners.

According to the ASPCA, Americans spent more than $12 billion last year on veterinary care for their pets at retailers like This money oftentimes goes to high-tech treatments that range in the thousands of dollars. This price tag may seem extreme to some, but increasingly, many more pet owners are willing to cut back elsewhere in their budget in return for a few more years of tail wagging companionship.