U.S. Hotels have gone to the Dogs: Pet-Friendly Lodging on the Rise

Pet owners are no longer forced to choose between leaving their precious companions at a boarding facility or burdening their family members and friends with watching Fido while away on vacay. Increasingly, more hotels are accommodating their pet loving patrons by declaring their lodging to be pet-friendly.

According to BringFido.com, pet-friendly lodging has nearly doubled in the past five years.  However, the definition of “pet-friendly” varies from establishment to establishment. Pet-friendly lodging on the lower end of the price spectrum usually just means that your pooch is allowed to snooze on the floor. But as the price per night increases into the upscale, pets are spoiled with everything from treats to spa services.  Whatever the price point of the pet-friendly hotel you choose, the major perk for pet owners is that their beloved companions are now able to accompany them on any of their out-of-town adventures.

Before you get too excited about the lodging industry’s new-found love for furry creatures, be aware that much of the time pets are only allowed to stay with an additional chunk of change. Some hotels charge an additional fee per night, while others charge a cleaning fee to allow for the extra scrubbing a room might need after a few nights of housing your canine or feline companion.