Purchasing Pet Medications Online

It is human nature to search out the least expensive and simplest way to make a purchase.  That’s why internet shopping has become so popular, right? Purchasing discount pet meds online is a fantastic way for pet owners to save money.  But the old saying “if it seems too good to be true, it probably is” certainly can apply.  Let’s see how.

Some common pet medications are available without a prescription.  This is true for popular brands of flea and tick control, most nutritional supplements, dental care options, some forms of arthritis relief, and more.  In these cases, owners can purchase directly from the pharmacy without first contacting their veterinarian.  However, you should always tell your vet about any medication, prescription or not, that your pet is taking.

Prescription medications are another story.  Because of potential dangers to pet or human health if these medications are used incorrectly, a veterinarian must be involved BEFORE they are dispensed.  Common prescription pet medications include antibiotics, heartworm preventatives, and non-steroidal anti-inflammatories.  If you ever run across an online pet pharmacy that offers to sell you a prescription medication without a prescription, run!  This is not a reputable company, and they are very likely cutting other corners that could endanger your pet’s health.

Obtaining a prescription and having it forwarded to an online pet pharmacy may seem inconvenient, but it is a simple way to make sure that your pet is getting the care and high quality medications that he or she deserves. Many online pet pharmacies, like VetDepot, make it easy for you to get the medication you need by contacting your veterinarian via fax, phone or email to obtain a prescription for your order. If your veterinarian chooses to provide you with the written prescription required for your order, you can fax, mail or scan and email your prescription to the pharmacy to fill your order. If you ever have any questions or require assistance, a reputable online pet pharmacy will have helpful customer support staff to help you.


Tips on Saving Big Bucks on your Furry Little Friend

Responsible pet ownership requires an investment that lasts the lifetime of your pet. In this regard, owning a pet is similar to caring for a child. There are many ongoing costs associated with caring for your dog or cat, but there are easy things you can do to help keep some of these costs down.

Shop Around for Vets: When you’re choosing a vet, call several local veterinary offices and ask them the cost for a routine exam. Often, vets will use this price as a base price for all other procedures. Vets who charge less for a routine exam tend to have lower prices overall. Don’t wait for an emergency to choose your veterinarian; you will be more stressed in emergency situations and may not be as concerned with cutting costs.

Compare Prices Online for your Pet’s Medications: If you buy your flea preventatives and other pet medications at your veterinarian’s office, you are likely being charged a mark-up of over 100% of the wholesale price. Shopping online for your pet’s medication can lead to huge savings, plus the added convenience of receiving your pet’s medications delivered to your door. When you’re comparing prices online, you can often save money by ordering more doses in one time. Make sure you order discount pet medications only from secure sites based in the US that are certified by either LegitScript or Vet-VIPPS like vetdepot.

Don’t Let Fido Eat You out of House and Home: No matter what, your furry friend is always going to want to eat! The biggest ongoing cost pet owners pay is food. Many pet foods labeled as “Premium” or other special diets cost more than double what other pet foods cost. Be aware that there is no legal standard pet foods must meet to be labeled as “Premium”, but any food that is labeled “complete & balanced” or “total nutrition” meets the minimum legal standard required for pet foods. Unless your pet has a medical condition requiring a special diet, you probably don’t need to spend extra on pricey foods that may offer no extra benefit to your pet’s health.

Invest in Preventative Care: You’ve probably heard the old saying that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Keeping up with your pet’s routine exams and vaccinations can prevent a wide variety of serious and costly health problems. Clean choppers also make a big difference in your pet’s health. Brushing your dog or cat’s teeth and feeding them dental treats can help prevent periodontal disease, a common cause of kidney and lung problems. Finally, make sure your pet maintains a healthy weight. Have plenty of playtime and don’t overfeed your furball. Obesity can cause diabetes and arthritis, among other expensive problems. Remember, a healthy pet is a happy pet, and a healthy pet costs you less!

Is It Safe to Order Pet Meds Online?

The answer is yes! It is safe to order your pet meds online. Not only is it safe, but ordering pet medications online is convenient and saves you money. Here are just a few reasons why it makes sense to order your pet’s medications online.

Cost & Selection

Some medications can be expensive, but they don’t have to break the bank. Licensed online pharmacies are able to give you prices that your vet can’t. Many sites are able to offer deep discounts on top selling brand name, over-the-counter pet medications including: Frontline Plus for Dogs and Frontline Plus for Cats, Heartgard heartworm treatment, or Cosequin joint supplements.

Not only will you save money on the top brands, but many online pharmacies have a much wider selection than your local vet. From nutritional supplements, flea treatments, or even homeopathic products, ordering pet meds online gives you more freedom and more selection.


Ordering pet meds from an online pharmacy is much more convenient than going through your vet’s office, especially since it helps you avoid the extra trip to the vet’s office to pick up your pet’s medications. When ordered online, they can be delivered right to your door. Many reputable sites will also contact your vet directly to get your prescriptions transferred over and verified.

Friendly Reminders

Prescription medications will require a prescription from a veterinarian, but many sites will contact your vet for you to get the written prescription, which only adds to the convenience of ordering your pet meds online.

Before ordering any new medications you should consult with your pet’s veterinarian. They will let you know exactly what medications or supplements your pet may need.

It’s important to know if the site you’re using is based in the U.S. and is properly licensed. Leading sites like VetDepot may also be certified by LegitScript or the NABP. They also only sell U.S. made EPA and FDA approved products. Beware of sites that say they don’t require written prescriptions. They can be risky because according to Martine Hartogensis, D.V.M., deputy director of the Office of Surveillance and Compliance in FDA’s( Center for Veterinary Medicine CVM), “There is a risk of the drugs not being FDA-approved.”

If you can confirm the site’s legitimacy, then ordering pet meds online is perfectly safe, convenient, and will save you money.