5 Thanksgiving Tips You and Your Dog Will Be Thankful For

Preparing a Thanksgiving feast can be a difficult time for you and your dogs.  Due to all the chaos dogs often times can find themselves feeling neglected and indulging themselves in a little too much turkey.  This Thanksgiving follow these helpful tips to help keep you and your dog happy and safe.

  1.  Don’t neglect your pet.  During all the hustle and bustle of preparing a Thanksgiving feast your pets may start to feel neglected.  Take the time to play with and/or walk you pet.  Not only will it make them feel loved but it will make them more inclined to rest while you continue to prepare and eat your turkey dinner.
  2. Don’t leave the turkey unattended.  The rich aroma of a cooked turkey is enough to make anyone want to dig in but even an uncooked turkey is irresistible to a dog.  Raw meat, turkey bones and dark turkey meat can all be harmful to your dog.  Cooked dark turkey meat and turkey skin are difficult to digest and can cause vomiting, diarrhea and pancreatitis.
  3. Clean as you go.  Continue to clean and tidy the kitchen as you go.  Not only will it save you a huge mess at the end of the night but it will eliminate potential hazards to your dog.
  4. Keep the trashcan out of reach.  Many dogs can’t resist the smell of food, even if it has already been disposed.  Keep your trashcans in a safe place away from your dogs so there are no temptations to dig in.
  5. Give your pet a Thanksgiving treat.  Allow your pet to enjoy a Thanksgiving dinner without begging for scraps at the table.  Giving your pet a Kong filled with white turkey meat and dog food will keep your pet satisfied and out of trouble.  If your pet finishes their treat while other guests are continuing to enjoy their dinner, don’t cave in to their begging, you wouldn’t want them to over indulge.

We hope these tips will help you and your loving companions to have a Thanksgiving that you can be thankful for.  Happy Thanksgiving!

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